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May 2, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646



So do you have character?

If you look up the definition of character you will get a variety of answers such as:

  • 1. The combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another.
  • 2. A distinguishing feature or attribute, as of an individual, group, or category.
  • 3. Genetics A structure, function, or attribute determined by a gene or group of genes.
  • 4. Moral or ethical strength.
  • 5. A description of a person’s attributes, traits, or abilities.
  • 6. A formal written statement as to competency and dependability, given by an employer to a former employee; a recommendation.

All of these give some structure to the word “Character” but in practice, character is doing what you know to be right when no one is looking.  Having the character not to have someone else hold you accountable but you hold yourself to a high set of standards and are accountable to those measures.

In today’s business and social worlds an unfortunate trend is taking place. The drifting away from character.

Just as we have drifted away from the use of the “Friend” to a very neutral touch point of social media, so also has the word character moved from a set of standards or features that distinguished an individual to nothing more than a graphical avatar of no real depth or meaning.

This week, take a look at your business and see just how much your employees have real contributing character.  Are they bringing their best characteristic with then to the work setting or leaving them on the sideline?  Has all the technology caused character to be dismissed as no longer an important part of your company brand?

As a person has morals and values to shape their character so does a business have a culture which either enhances the business characteristics of flattens them out.  Is your business culture bringing out the best characteristics to grow your business? Or are you just a graphical avatar of yourself and don’t have real character?

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