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May 9, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


                            Health Care

Hopefully each of you take time each year to visit with your doctor and get a health checkup.  If not, then your first to do is call and set an appointment.  Your business depends on all the parts working correctly and you are part of that team.

The other part of health care is about what is going on with respect to the implementation of the “Affordable Care Act” and how it will impact your business.

As I’m not an expert in this area, I have called upon a colleague to give us a summary of items being brought into play which need to be give attention as the clock ticks off toward January 2014. Feel free to contact Tim Hite at The Reaume Group regarding your specific situations at 248-265-5440.

Requirements for 2013

    • Health Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Additional Medicare Tax
    • Comparative Effectiveness Fee
    • Medicare Tax on Unearned Income
    • Initiation of Insurance Exchanges
    • Notice of Exchanges

More Requirement taking effect in 2014

    • Establishment of Insurance Exchanges
    • Employer Mandate
    • Individual Mandate
    • Waiting Periods
    • Pre-existing Conditions

Unfortunately this is a moving target.  The laws, rules and how to’s are being written as things role out.  As a business owner you need to stay on top of this or you could end up with penalties not because you want to dodge the program but because the program ends up writing you into a penalty that was not foreseen.

For example you may have a group of part time employees and feel you are safe from the 50 person rule.  There are calculation for determining the cumulative value of your headcount and it could place you into a fifty person program and you did not even realize it.

Again, this is raised as a point of attention.  You need to get your medical plan advisors to look at your situation and determine where things are moving and see how they effect your business.

Health care reform is just one aspect of building your business. Wondering about other areas you should be looking into? Give JKL Associates a call at (313) 527-7945 or send us an email to discuss.

Questions or comments – email us at or call our Office at (313) 527-7945

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