Memorial Day–Not just another day off

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May 23, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Memorial Day

           Not just another day off

This weekend is Memorial day. Unfortunately for many, this day is viewed as just another day off of work.  The start of summer activities. The bar-b-que in the backyard or one of many other distractions not directly related to the remembrance of those men and women – patriots who gave of themselves to protect the freedoms so many of us take for granted these days.

We live in challenging times – Economic, Socially, Religious, Racial and many more.  Our fore fathers saw that we needed freedoms, rights and a constitution to support those aspects for the pursuit of happiness.

The tides of change have continued to blow and the storm is far from over. Our political dynamics pit parties against each other rather than on behalf of the people they represent. Special interests have become the focus rather than the common family. It is evolving into what more can the government do for the people rather than what “We the People” need to be doing to run our country.

For those patriots that have gone before us and have sacrificed with their lives, let us not toss their meaningful efforts and lives to the curb in support of a fad or trend. Let us recognize that the freedom of speech and quality of life we currently exist under can be taken away right from under our own noses if we are not paying attention.

This coming weekend, take some time to re-evaluate your role as an American Citizen – a Patriot.  What are you doing to uphold the constitution in it’s present form or have you just relinquished your responsibility.

Freedom is not free.  It comes on the lives of those willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the greater good and not the special interests.

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