Working the People Puzzle

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May 30, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


           Working the People Puzzle

If your business has more than one employee or independent contractor then you need to work the people puzzle.

At some point in your life, you found yourself staring at a box full of pieces which when assembled correctly would produce a picture of something – a scene, an object, a person etc. The challenge was to align the specific shapes of the pieces so they fit nicely into each other and the pattern of the picture would begin to present itself.

To do this you used clues to help in the process.  You might separate all the pieces with flat edges into one group so you could make the boarder.  You might group all the blue pieces together to work in the section which had the sky and green pieces for the grass. Upon further refinement you would then start looking for specific shapes of the interlocking pieces to fit together.

Putting people in your business requires many of the same skills.  You start to identify the characteristics of the individuals and start to align their capabilities with the needs of the business.  Those that have a more extraverted or outward approach might be in roles to interact with customers where those who are more introverted may best be suited for the accounting or quality assurance areas of the business.

With puzzle pieces they are inanimate items.  People bring many more aspects into the business setting.  They have external and internal dynamics which influence their daily lives.  Their skills and capabilities are in different stages of development and maturity. They bring both tangible and intangible aspects to the workplace everyday.

This week, take some time to evaluate how the puzzle is coming together.  Are the people pieces interlocking correctly to make the picture or your vision come to reality?  Are there pieces that once looked like they fit together but now you can see better that they only resembled the shape but not the colors and depth needed to completely fill the needs of the role.

To help in this critically important process, give JKL Associates a call to discuss the process of benchmarking job roles and the demands necessary to be successful in the role. Let us help you ask better questions in your interviewing process to enable better and earlier alignment to the dynamics of your business.

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