Managing Stress

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June 6, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


           Managing Stress

Ever feel like your head is in a vise with someone turning the screw to put more tension on it? If you said no, then congratulations, you are in the minority.

Unfortunately, the dynamics of business, personal, social and many other aspects of daily living cause all of us various levels of stress. Not all stress is bad but managing it is critical to the long term health of your person and your business.

Some stress management options:

For some, having a plan of action and following it keeps a person focused and on track thus reducing the stress of not getting things accomplished.

Others need to place proper perspective on the real impact of a situation in relation to all of the other things going on around them.  Little bumps in the road can’t simply be ignored but if the small bumps get magnified then when the large bumps happen they feel significantly more dramatic.

In some cases, the diet one has impacts how they deal with stress.  Maybe a few less caffeine products during the day will allow you to deal with changing situation more effectively.

Getting the proper amount of rest and sleep.  I realize this one becomes very challenging when you are under stress.  The mind seems to work 24 hours a day and thus not allow you to separate yourself from it.  You may need to incorporate an exercise routine into your day so to burn out some of the stress and allow your body to recover at night when sleeping.

You may need to look at how much you are holding onto because you either don’t have people to do certain activities or they don’t have the talent to accomplish the objectives.  In these cases you need to set out to attract the proper talent to your business or train/develop those currently in place.

This week take a look at what is causing you stress.  Don’t try and solve all of it in one day or week.  Prioritize and then focus on just one items to build in the habit to reduce that items from your stress catalog.

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