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June 13, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


           Instant Replay

If you have ever watched a sporting event on TV you have witnessed the instant replay of a shot, a block, a touchdown or homerun.  You have seen it used to challenge the call of the official or to emphasize how the rule was or was not applied to the situation. If you talk to sports officials there are mixed remarks about the use of instant replay in determining the outcome of calls.

When you can slow down and replay a 3 second event hundreds of times and from 6 different angles, there will obviously be a difference of what was viewed in the split second the official was given to see what happened, process the elements and render a call. When the replay supports the call the telecast just rolls on.  In the event the call is different then there is dialogue for the remainder of the game.

I bring this reference to the replay because in business as leaders you are equally asked to make split second decisions on events that take place in your organization.  You base your decision not necessarily on a set of playing rules but on the standards, vision and culture of the business.  In the business world there is not typically cameras rolling to capture the events so they can be slowed down and looked at from 6 angles.

The question this week is – in the event your decision was wrong – do you stop, correct the call and clean up the situation?

In the officiating world, there is always talk about getting the call right and in the event there is enough evidence to over turn the call then correct it, and make sure the outcome of the corrected call is on track with the rules.

Thus the instant replay has gradually worked its way into the sports arena.  With professional sport being really big money, the outcome can mean lots of dollars for a winning team or person. Unfortunately, sports like business and life is not perfect.  The decision made on the court or in the board room sometimes just don’t fit so nicely into a set of rules or standards.  It is these times where real world experiences and the background behind the rules are necessary to render a decision which is in the best interest of all the parties and withstand the highest levels of integrity.

This week don’t dwell on the bad decisions you have made in the past but give yourself the opportunity to put into your mind an instant replay camera for the future.  Before you render a decision, gather the elements of the events, process it with your standards, vision and culture and then give your call.  If necessary replay it in your mind and if necessary overturn a bad call to support the integrity of the workplace.

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