It is not all Social Media

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June 27, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646

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It is not all Social Media

Put yourself in a time capsule and travel back 10 to 12 years to a time when social media was just getting its roots started. Most people don’t even remember such names as Six Degrees and Friendster let alone MySpace. And for the record – Al Gore did not invent social media either!

This week is not about educating you on the history of social media – you can check that out by typing it into your favorite search engine and scroll the numerous links to find what you are interested in.

This week is to remind the business world that social media by itself is not going to generate the win fall of revenue you want for your business. Being absent from the social media world is not death for your business but it becomes fairly hard to find your business, products or services if you don’t have an address on your building or a place on the social media portals.

30 years ago you needed to be in the Yellow Pages, 15 years ago you needed a website and today you need presence on the various social media channels, your target market uses to conduct their personal business. This presence only gets you awareness.  You still need to deliver the goods.

That is why it is not all Social Media.  Being in the right place on the internet is just one more way to become known to your potential buyers. When you located your business in a commercial complex, on the 12th floor of a high rise office building or in the out lot of a strip mall, each of these choices were influenced by your strategy to attract and conduct business with your consumer.

Being on the internet, on social media channels is not significantly different. You can afford to be in five different buildings so you narrow down which physical location meets your needs the best. So true is your placement of time and money in social media channels.  As the cost for being on the internet is less costly than brick and mortar, too many owners just place themselves in all of the venues.  Now they have the cost to update, keep current and manage the content and interactions. So the cost shift from physical brick to the cost of labor.

This week take some time to think about your social media strategies.  What are your objectives for the business and how are they enabled by placing yourself in the proper social media channels. What investment to make your presence known and what are the cost to maintain your presences?

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