Bouncing back from setbacks

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July 18, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646



            Bouncing back from Setbacks

The nature of all professions is that from time to time you experience a setback. Professional baseball players go into a hitting slump. Financial planers pick a weak stock. Sales people can’t close a deal. Business owners have some unplanned turnover.

These setbacks are going to happen.  No matter how good your planning is and your operational systems are, these many times unexplainable redirections suddenly arrive on your to do list.

The more important aspect is how are you going to handle them when they arrive.  Are you just going to ignore it hoping it will resolve itself?

Some of you reading that last statement are challenging me wondering who in their right mind would do such a thing.  The reality is that many business owners when confronted with a setback freeze and become somewhat paralyzed for a period of time. They second guess themselves on decisions made in the past and what new decision will not pan out as desired.

When confronted with a setback or even just a change in direction, you do need to evaluate the situation.  Collect the data points and then take corrective action to move forward, one step in front of the other.

The baseball player still has to get in the batters box and swing at pitches if they ever want to start hitting for a better average. The financial planner needs to go and find that next winner stock pick. The sales person can’t just throw in the towel and stop selling. You the business owner can’t start second guessing your decisions each time something goes sideways.

Part of the fun and aggravation of being the owner is that you actually have the authority and power to change directions. To move forward in a direction which adjusts from lessons learned.

If you made a poor hiring decision, don’t stop hiring but look at what you missed in the intake process and take steps to correct that the next time.  When you make that poor hiring decision, don’t hold on thinking you can magically save the situation.  Most of the time the fit is wrong for both parties and both parties need to move on to their next work opportunity.

This week take a look at what setbacks you might be dealing with and set a strategy to move forward.  Even a small step will get your efforts moving toward a new position on the business landscape.

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