Still Guessing?

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August 1, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646



            Still Guessing?

In an age where technology can provide good sound support tools to making business decisions, a great number of business leaders still hire people based on a 30 minute conversation which they did most of the talking.

I’m not saying to throw out your gut level instincts.  What I’m suggesting is to help validate those instincts. Cause those instincts to be heightened and called to the attention of items which need to be asked about during a candidate intake process.

Lets face facts – all employees are like buying used cars.  They have all been driven some way. They had some experience whether at another employer or in the academic setting. When they are in the marketplace looking for a career/job they are all freshened up.  Just like the car you go to sell. You have someone coming to look at it.  You wash the car, vacuum it out, hang one of the scented rear view mirror decorations and then hope it sells.

The potential buyer will look it over and take it for a test drive etc.  Some may even take it to their mechanic for an opinion.  Still others may pay a few dollars to get a detailed registration of accidents and repairs.

I find it odd that we do so much for the purchase of a used vehicle. We fall short and don’t want to fully gather insights regarding candidates which will be part of the organization.

For example, a car report cost a few dollars but identifies past issues or concerns with the vehicle.  The buyer can then ask better questions of the seller regarding these items.

At JKL Associates, we offer tools which will allow the hiring manager to ask better questions of the candidates.  Depending on the level of intake process, we can help in setting up the entire process or just supplement the interview with tools to engage the candidate in specific, meaningful dialogue focused to the role they will be performing.

This week, give consideration to start looking at the future of your company and the staff you hire no differently than buying a car that will not only be dependable but will also be safe to carry your loved ones out on the highway.

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