Vision–Far or Near Sighted?

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August 22, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646



            Vision–Far or Near Sighted?

August and September are key months to your future.  It should be the time you start to look at what you plan on accomplishing in 2014.  You have 7+months on data from 2013 and have a reasonable view of what goods and services you will be offering in 2014.

I say this with the confidence that you have or should have a written vision for your business.

Unfortunately some of your visions are either too near sighted or so far sighted that it does not even exist.  As the saying goes – if you don’t know where you are going then any route will get you there – no where!

I was recently at an awards breakfast for one of my clients who was being acknowledged for entrepreneurial leadership in their business segment. One of the speakers from a local business which has grown to well over 50 million annually was speaking about how critical their vision has been for achieving their objectives.

It was not only that they had a vision and it has been reinvigorated a couple of times but the speaker emphasized the criticality of having all their people engaged in the vision.  It was far more than just knowing one exists or where to point to the sign in the lobby. It was all about living the vision to make it come true.

I recognize that some owners have been successful with out such a vibrant commitment to a vision.  I have even been told by a few that the whole idea of visions and missions is just hype. 

I look back on those businesses a few years later and they are still stuck in the same place or sliding backwards.  No it is not scientific but action speak very loud.  Lack of action speaks even louder in the business world.

This week, if you have a vision, get it out and do a quick assessment.  Is your business living true to the vision?  If you think it is then what specifically demonstrates it?  Don’t just find one thing but find multiple examples to validate.  If you can’t validate then maybe it is time to go back to the strategic planning process and define your future.

If you can validate it then confirm your validation with your employees.  Let them know how they are living the vision and how they can continue to support it moving forward.

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