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September 12, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646



            R.I.P. – Feedback

Apparently last week I triggered a few nerves with the readers of the newsletter. Some were wondering what was up that caused me to rant and rave and a few others were caused to reflect a little on what is going on around them.

In a society where we put greater emphasis on what is wrong than what is good challenges me. When I observe the way people behave and a topic hits them right between the eyes, some shy away like we are not allowed to talk about that topic. They do this because it might offend someone. Yet many of the items mentioned in last weeks article offend others that are not stepping up and voicing there displeasure with them.

We live in a land where our founding fathers put in place a “Republic.” This foundation allowed for one of the greatest economies to build and take center stage in the world.

As part of this foundation it allows for bodies of people to engage in specific activity such as running a business.  Generating goods and services for tender thus providing for growth for the citizenship.  The key here is the body of people must be actively engaged in the objective and moving in a common direction.

When that common direction is shifted by another group of people with different objectives and the initial body of people do not stand up and take objection to this alternate view, then the consistency of growth and prosperity begins to dwindle.

One reader responded and confirmed that this erosion of respect is having impact on businesses.  Those people that are not given or shown respect by a merchant loses the subsequent business from that customer.  They take their business somewhere else. This impact profits.  The customer votes with their dollars.  If they don’t get treated with respect at your business they WILL go somewhere else.

As you lose business, you don’t have the same need for employees and eventually the circle goes around until the business is out of business.  So those employees that are not on board with treating your customers with respect, you better have a meaningful conversation with them because they will only be hurting themselves in the long run.

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