Like lemmings into the sea…

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October 3, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646



            Like lemmings into the sea…

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Before I get a bunch of emails from readers indicating I’m bashing on Apple, let me inform you that I have and use on a daily basis technology from Apple, Android and Microsoft.  All have their positive and negative attributes.

In todays newsletter I’m going to wrap a larger focus on the most recent Apple IOS 7 upgrade and more importantly a view of Apple vs. Android with a comparison I owe to a colleague.

A few weeks back I referenced a conversation I had with a CEO of a software company and his comparison of Apple and Android.  He said that Apple is like Socialism and Android is like Capitalism.  With Apple you are forced to take their “stuff” and live with it.  You have very little ability to modify it or wrap around the way you want to use it. Where as Android it provides an environment which you can model more creatively to your preferences.  The main difference is that the end user must take an active participation in the modifications.  This is where the comparison my college referenced comes in. With a capitalistic approach the end user has the opportunity to take and model and manage their own outcomes. It comes with responsibility and accountability. Should you make a bad decision you must own up to it and then figure a way to correct it.  With socialism, your choices are greatly limited and the overseeing body defines what you get and how you may use it.

We now come to the Apple IOS 7 update….

I remember people just waiting for their IPhone to light up and tell them to upgrade.  With no understanding of what they were about to do, they just clicked and away the upgrade went.  There was no reverting back to the prior IOS.

On one of the reviews on the upgrading/downgrading by Sebastian Anthony wrote – If you updated to IOS 7 from IOS 6, and are now suffering from motion sickness or acute day-glowitis, I have bad news: You can no longer downgrade from IOS 7 to IOS 6. You’re stuck. This is partly for security reasons, but mostly because it’s simply part of the Apple experience: By buying an iPhone or IPad, you implicitly sign away your rights and privileges so that everyone can coexist in blissful unfragmented harmony in Apple’s sandbox.

That statement validates the colleagues thoughts about Socialism (Apple) and Capitalism (Android).  When others are dictating your world then you have little to no recourse on the future.

As business leaders we need to have a heightened awareness of what is going on at government levels at the national, state and local levels.  Actions are taking place which could see the capitalistic environment which allows for and enables businesses to flourish or fail could be gradually taken away. It happens very slowly. A grain of sand at a time until the sandy bank erodes into the sea and there is no downgrading back to capitalism.

This week take some time to stop and look at what is going on at various levels of government.  Look to the internet for daily updates on what is taking place behind the scenes rather than what make the broadcast media. As business leaders we need to take our business environment seriously or live with the consequences of updating to an environment which potentially makes us all sick….

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