Truth – Means you need to be responsible

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October 10, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646




Truth – Means you need to be responsible

I caught a section of a movie the other day and the one scene came up with the title of this weeks newsletter.

The context of the scene was that a police detective was seeking the truth from her partner and the partner indicated that with truth came the responsibility for it.  The broader context was in relationship to the others in the movie that were not truthful and thus did not have to take responsibility for their actions – right or wrong……

In each of our businesses we deal on a daily basis with people either taking on responsibility or not and then having to deal with the truth of the matter. Many employees want the title and the perception of responsibility but when it comes down to enforcement of policy and procedure they can get a little shaky in their efforts.

Newer managers and supervisors feel compelled to be everyones friend rather than take responsibility for the “Truth” in their job. They need to enforce company policy universally with everyone consistently – no special deals. Unfortunately they talk a good talk but actions still do speak louder than words. Give yourself a little test.

A late employee – do you look the other way?

A few dollars short in the register – do you look the other way?

Rude treatment of a customer or another employee – do you look the other way?

Do your employees act the same way you do? If no, do you look the other way?

As the message in the movie points out – to be truthful you must be ready and able to take on the responsibility for the truth. 

This week look at yourself and your team – are they truthful and taking on the responsibilities of their roles?  Do you hold them accountable to the truth?

I realize these are some very soft and somewhat nebulous challenges because depending on your own model of truth and responsibility what is deemed in alignment may not be for others.

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