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November 7, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646



                Setting the tone

As the leader of your business – YOU set the tone.

The way you lead, the way you dress, the way you interact with employees and customers, the attention to detail, your timeliness etc.. All of the various things you do or don’t do set the tone for the way your employees either follow you or not.

Your customers will also do the same as a reflection of the tone you set.  If you are personable with the staff and they in turn are personable with the customer then the environment of the business and the tone is personable.  If on the contrary the environment is one of defensive posturing and push back then so too will the customer experience be.

Case in point, I was speaking with a first time customer of a client on the telephone the other day and they referenced how the client’s location was so inviting. The staff greeted him and welcomed him into their business.  He commented on the other patrons in the location were all so content.  Nothing phony or false about the experience. He was so impressed that he just had to share his experience with others he interacted with that day and for the next couple of days. It was not so much that it was over the top but just an environment where people would not just be welcomed but actually feel welcomed.

He referenced how store management interacted with the patrons to gain their insights into their experience in a non intrusive way and then went on with other business.  He also saw similar transactions between customers and other staff.

This week as you continue to build your business, take some time to examine yourself and what type of tone you are setting by example.  How do you interact with employees on good situations or bad?  How do you go about demonstrating to your team the proper tone to interact with your customers?

As the old saying tells us – actions speak louder than words.  In the case of setting the tone for your business you can amplify that statement 100 times.  Take the time this week to “DO” rather than “SAY” as part of building your business.

Setting one tone at a time!

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