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November 14, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646



                Make My Day

In the Clint Eastwood movie Sudden Impact, character Harry Callahan uses the phrase to engage the robbery suspect into either dropping his gun or taking further action on the hostage. This would allow him to pull the trigger on the suspect and as he puts it “Make My Day.” Fortunately for the suspect and for Detective Callahan, the scene ends without additional violence thus making the suspects day a little better than it could have been.

Most of us have never been in that situation and hopefully won’t be but each and everyday we, as business leaders, are in a position to have the ability to make or break their day. But the question remains – will we or do we?

Do we make the day of our peers?

Do we make the day of our employees?

Do we make the day of our customers?

Do we make the day of our vendors?

Do we make the day of our community members?

There are lots of people and lots of opportunity to make their day.

Each day with the unlocking of the front door of your business you are creating the scene for the movie of a day in the life of a successful business.  The day is riddled with both happy and not so happy customers, employees and vendors. It is incumbent upon you to take what the scene gives you and turn it into something better than it ultimately could turn out.

This week, as you open your business, pause and capture the opportunity to make someone’s day.  It does not need to be over the top but a simple gesture to put them into a better state of attitude can go a long way towards building your business. Get to know what little things can go a long way with each of your team to brighten their day and then use them with them on a regular basis.  Some simple and short small talk from a genuine place about them can and will be received in a positive light.

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