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November 21, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646



        Recruit, Recruit, Recruit – Hire

Everyone has a favorite band. That group of instrument players that when working together create a melody that touch some part of your inner being and brings you a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction. That collection of artists just did not happen.  One of the lead members of the group held auditions for the drum player, the guitar player etc. They were looking for the best of the best for their group.

The same holds true for your business.  Each day you need to be recruiting.  Looking for and identifying talent that would work well in your business culture.

When clients engage JKL Associates for helping them with their talent acquisition efforts, one of the first things that needs to change is hiring people when there is a void in their lineup.  When a business waits until they have an opening to start looking for new talent they are already behind the 8 ball.

This process of constantly being in the mode of recruiting, recruiting, recruiting does a few key things for your business.

1) When you are always in the mode of looking for talent your skills for identifying that talent are significantly more focused.  Too often when you have not looked for new talent those skills become dormant. By looking for talent, interviewing potential talent and building a back up file of strong candidates, your talent acquisition skills remain at their peak level of capability.

2) You set a culture in motion that everyone needs to be upgrading their talent both internally and externally.  As your team recognizes that you are constantly in the recruitment process they have obligations to themselves to keep their talent fresh and up to date.

3) By building a backlog of talent for your organization you are never in the position to lower your standards and hire a quick fix for a critical role in an organization.  Too often when a person departs an organization a new hire is quickly materialized only to have to second guess why the individual does not work out.  You end up spending lots of time training and retraining people in a revolving door.

This week set in motion a new approach for building your talent system in your business.  Begin to recruit and interview potential talent.  It should not take a lot of time but by moving in this direction you insure a more consistent level of talent that can easily work in your business culture and bring value much sooner in the employment relationship.

Not sure how to get started with a complete recruiting process? Give  JKL Associates a call at (313) 527-7945.

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