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December 5, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646



                    Stay Focused

Less than 20 real business days left in 2013 and there are lots of things that will get your attention and distract you.

For those of you who have a fiscal year equal to the calendar year, you are narrowing in on the final stretch of this years’ race.  December 31st is rapidly approaching and final revenue objectives need your full attention.

If you are in retail, the holiday shopping push is well underway with Black Friday and Cyber Monday now in the books. The challenge is to now fulfill those orders and not get a whole bunch of return the first week of 2014.

The next couple of weeks will require a sharply keen focus on where your priorities need to be placed.  Your pipeline may have many possible opportunities but which are the best and which will need special attention to close before the end of the year?

As you focus, make sure you maintain perspective on quality sales and profits and not just revenue.  Don’t just give away next years opportunities without some level of qualified return on your decision. Don’t let the energy of the sales rep persuade you to pull next years’ business into this year without some associated quota enhancements in 2014.

This week take a good strong look at your sales pipeline and evaluate your options.  Which deals are tied to end of year budgets?  Which deals are tied to performance contracts? Which deals are linked to underperforming sales reps that need special care not to be given away to prop up the rep nor should they be lost to timing or competition?

Should you have sales management, then make sure they are actively engaged with each pending 2013 deal.  Yes I realize it is their role in the organization and you should not be required to remind them but after 12/31 you can say I should have!

The walk to the end of the year does not have to be one of a tight wire. It can be one of a nice full stride to the finish line based on keen focus and correct action and intervention as necessary to achieve your 2013 goals and objectives.

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