Appearance Matters

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December 12, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646



                    Appearance Matters

Have you taken a moment to look around at your team and the representation they are of the image of your business?

As much as we would all like to believe that the appearance of a person, a building, a document or any other image of your business would not detract from someone doing business with your organization – it does.

A restaurant with dirty floors in the dining area raises suspicion as to the cleanliness of the food preparation and the serving of food.

A sales person’s letter to the prospect with typos, grammar issues and other formatting issues raises questions as to the level of review and attention to details the company may or may not have in their processes.

The telephone support person who may not be seen but heard and their interpersonal skills don’t treat the customer properly.

We can remember the scene from the movie “Pretty Woman” where Julia Roberts enters the store on Rodeo Drive in her rather disheveled clothes and gets turned away by the store clerk.  The same holds true for your staff if they are not dressed appropriately to send a brand message to your customers. They will turn your customers away.

We live in a very visual society – from TV, internet, social media, billboards and many of the other numerous eye stimulants which bombard us daily. All of this marketing is forming stereotypes in our minds about who, what, where, with whom we want to conduct business.

When was the last time you saw an advertisement for a fitness center showing overweight people?  Marketers put fit and trim people in those ads because they want you to picture yourself in that state of fitness.

This week you need to look around your business and observe what messages are being sent to your customers.  What do your sales proposals look like?  What about your customer service team and their appearance when they visit your customer? How about your lobby and parking lot of your building?

People do business with people for many reasons. Don’t give them reasons not to do business with you before you even say hello!

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