Affordable Care Act – Right!

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January 9, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




   Affordable Care Act – Right!

    • It was said that the bill had to be passed to read it!
    • You could keep your doctors and your plan!
    • It will make health care more affordable!
    • It won’t cost as much!
    • The list of promises and failures can go on and on and on.

What can we as business leaders learn from this situation?

As we kick off 2014 let’s all keep in mind not to make the same types of mistakes the government made with the roll out of the healthcare program. It is one thing to talk about the plan and a completely different thing to actually execute to the plan.

2014 will have some very good times and some challenges.  As you navigate the various roads you will travel for your success this year, be sure to have the facts up front and verify your sources. In a time when lots of information floats around on the internet and many take it as “TRUTH”, as leaders we must pause to confirm what is and what some would like us to believe.

I remember some time ago when one of the media news people was so anxious to broadcast a news event that they had not received confirmation on the details.  The person went live and then subsequently had to be ridiculed by the others of his trade for not doing his homework and verification first.

Social media is here to stay and as a result the workplace will be disrupted on a regular basis.  Whether it be national news, international news or just personal social media distractions, as leaders we must manage this with a keen sense of understanding.  Not jumping to over react but then again not standing back and not reacting either.  That second choice is condoning the disruption and the behavior which allowed it to take place by the staff person.

This week get an understanding of how you plan to deal with all the distractions (smoke) that gets in the way of the real business at hand.  In the real business world, leaders don’t get the option to make excuses as to why the Healthcare Exchange is not working or why the cost is going to be exponentially greater than they thought. We get the pleasure of taking a pay cut to pay the others in our business or get terminated or….

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