In your world flat?

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January 30, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646


flat earth


   Is your world flat?

We live in times of change.

Some good, some not so good and some we are not yet sure if it will be good or bad.

This week we explore your businesses culture – Do you allow for productive risk taking to move your business forward?

When Columbus departed the coast of Europe to discover new shipping routes the predominant thought at the time was that the earth was flat and by sailing west would have him and his ships fall off the end of the earth.  We all know the rest of that story.

When Orville and Wilber Wright started to replicate the flight of birds, the predominant thought process was that they were crazy – that man could not fly.  We all know the rest of that story.

When John F Kennedy, President of the United States proclaimed to land a man on the moon and return him home safely before the end of the decade most people thought he was just a big dreamer.  We all know how that one turned out.

You might say that your business is not sailing ships, flying planes or even jet propulsion.  On the other hand your business is impacting peoples lives each and every day.  How can those things that your business does every day be improved to take care of your customers even better?

I was traveling recently and heard an advertisement for a local hospital. Not only could you go to their website to see how long the wait time was in their emergency room but you could actually make an appointment for the emergency room.  It originally sounded odd or contrary to what emergency room were intended for, i.e. emergencies, but there are some events which actually could be scheduled such as a broken arm.

With the race for your medical dollars being in full stride, even emergency rooms must fight for your attention and retention. Some creative and managed risk oriented person came up with this idea and then someone in the administration took a risk to put it in play.  Just like funding Columbus to discover new shipping routes and not sailing off the edge of the earth.

This week, look not at the obvious but look at which members of your team are thinking in new dimensions.  Are their ideas to be simply dismissed or should your business have a way to bring the ideas forward for further discovery?

You will never know what will be the next new big idea and if you smother them you might just wish you had not done so.

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