Disassembling to reassemble

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February 20, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




   Disassembling to Reassemble

Over the years I have reviewed many successful businesses and their leaders. There are many elements to their rise to greatness. One characteristic that is not always looked at is their ability to completely disassemble their success and what allowed them to get to a certain level and then reassemble it in a new way in order for them to take that next step up to the next level.

Most people rise to a level of success and results and then plateau.  They stay at that defined level because that is what they know and are confident and comfortable with in their lives and in business.

That is not to say that existing at that level is wrong or bad.  It just defines where that person is at in their pursuit of results.

As the Winter Olympics have been going on for the past couple of weeks, there have been many stories about various athletes and their rise to Olympic level capabilities. If you listened closely to many of them, the athletes from time to time would need to strip away some of what they had learned to get to one level and replace it with new knowledge and talents they did not even know they had inside of them.

As business leaders, we are no different than world class athletes. As our businesses grow we tend to lean on those elements which supported us to a defined level of success. It could be certain processes, certain people, etc.  The challenge is can those same elements grow with you or do you need to replace them with new processes, new people etc.

This is where it becomes extremely difficult.  You know what the current combination of talents can produce and you hope that they can somehow move the business to the next level.  The reality is that not all of those talents are growing with the business. Many have plateaued and in some cases began to recede.

As business leaders we sometimes need to take a difficult look at our business and everything that contributes to its present state of success.  Are you willing to strategically replace the current success for a higher level of success by disassembling what you know works for something in the future which you believe will be better?

If your current state of success is not all that great then this choice is less challenging – you are in a position to have to do something.  If your business is running just fine but your growth objectives have stagnated then you have a bigger risk to manage and take.

This week, look around your business – are your talents growing, plateaued or receding?

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