Spring Ahead

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March 6, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




   Spring Ahead

This weekend in many parts of the country, people will be losing an hour of sleep as we turn our clocks ahead for daylight savings. This event is tied with many other reminders that should be on your routine maintenance activities list such as changing the batteries in your home/office smoke detectors.

Using a recurring fixed event to cause other unrelated action can be a good way not to forget about items which although very important (safety) unfortunately they get a lower priority and many times are forgotten about (batteries).

This week in your business, what activities do you need to remember to do on a cyclical basis that unfortunately get left untouched until they rise to the level of urgency?

In some organizations owners get so involved in the day to day events that they lose track of cash flow.   They see sales coming in and invoices coming in but don’t necessarily see the impact of the combination of the two items.  Coupled with cash flow are budgets. Owners acknowledge them and sometimes set them up but are they actually followed?  Is there a recurring event to manage to the budget?  Are purchases evaluated against the monthly budget distribution?

As we spring ahead this weekend, start thinking about what you can do in your business as part of your “Spring Cleaning” to clear out some of the old spider webs (the old way of doing or not doing) and put in place constructive activities to help better run your business.

The task for this week is look at your financials and identify just three items that if monitored and managed would directly contribute to improving the value of your business.  Once you identify those three items then put in place activities and timeframes for you to hold yourself accountable to the cycle to review and take action on them. You could even select a few items which although you have them in place you are not doing them consistently. Ask yourself why and remove those barriers to success.

It seems so simple, yet we don’t hold our selves accountable

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