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   Doing the job – well

Go into any store and walk around looking at the employees.  Most of the time we fly in and out of a store to get what we came for and don’t typically notice what or who is around. You may even do this in your own business.

If you stop and analyze the people you will see some that are just putting in time, some getting the job done and then there are those few people that are not just getting the job done but doing it well.

It is this select group of talented people that you need to spend your time with either in your business or in the marketplace.  These people get it. They understand and appreciate the value of time, money, resources.  They do want to be rewarded for their value but are more than worth a reasonable wage and benefits package.

If you add up all the down time and extra babysitting time you spend with the underperformers you will start to see the top 20% of your team is really worth more value.

I always see too many owners trying to accommodate the bottom 20% by this initiative or that effort only to have the same results over and over again.

This week I’m asking you to take a strong look at your team.  Write down a list and rank all of them from top to bottom.  Understand what your criterion to rank them is based upon. Once you have the list, look at the top 20% and the bottom 20%  and I’ll bet you will say you already knew this.

My questions then is if you already know this then why are you not doing something about it?  The people doing their jobs well (top 20%)will eventually get frustrated and leave your business because you let the bottom 20% get away with all kinds of things they should not be doing or are not doing as part of their job.

This is not something you should put off or brush off.  It is a real threat to your continued success. 

Fruit farmers know that they must prune back their trees so that the base of the fruit production will go up with a short term cutback.  If they don’t the tree begins to run wild and take on a growth pattern all to its own.

Wonder what a good employee can cost you as they begin to transition into that murky space between the top 20% and bottom 20%? Give JKL Associates a call at (313) 527-7945.

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