Dealing with NCAA Basketball Fever

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   Dealing with NCAA Basketball Fever

Well March Madness 2014 starts this week.  Last year it was forecasted that businesses lost over $200 million in “Lost Wages” during the multi week event and that was a very conservative estimate.

This year will be no different, probably just more costly.

As access to information via portable devices has exploded – smartphones, tablets etc. employees may not have to sneak off to the lunch room, corner establishment or hide it on their desktop PC to catch the games. Some die hard fans will stay up late and productivity will suffer because of their change in sleeping patterns.

There are many aspects that come into play with this and many other sporting events in today’s entertainment crazy society. One issue is the gambling aspects and how it gets intermingled in the office.  Some surveys indicate that most employers tend to turn their heads from these practices. Some though are putting in place policies to help protect the business reputation and culture.

These major sporting events are not all evil for business.  Many business owners take advantage of the events to bring in reward parties and celebrate the event.  If people are going to be unproductive then why not celebrate it with them. Reward them for being part of the business team and give a jump to morale.

At one time in my past I was a basketball junkie. Took time off work to watch all the games all day on the opening Thursday and Friday. I can completely understand people getting caught up in the energy of the event.  The reality is that put into proper perspective, major elections like every four years for the President cause as much distraction. Although they might not have the same intensity because they end up being dragged out over months at at time, if you add it all up people still spend time on their phones, tablets, PC and water cooler dialogue  to impact productivity.

This week decide where you stand on this matter.  If you need to regulate to what extent your staff can participate then do so and be clear about it.  Enforce it or it is just an exercise in futility. Consider it part of ebb and flow of business. Don’t go over the top to shut it down but let your team know you get it and still need them to be part of the success of the business even when their team in the office pool is not being very productive.

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