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March 27, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




   Chicken or Pig

When you wake up and have breakfast in the next couple of days and enjoy eggs and bacon, I hope this gets you thinking about you and your business.

As you stare down at your plate, take notice as to how each element participated in delivering you your meal.  Maybe you had some coffee, orange juice and hash browns.  All of these are grown and part of plant life.  You also had eggs and bacon. These come from animal life.

One of the providers was involved (chicken) the other was totally committed (pig).  The chicken will continue to provide more eggs during the upcoming weeks but the pig has run its course.

This week take a look at your business. Is it in the chicken stage or pig stage? Are you and your people just involved or are they committed to the success of the business.

Iā€™m not implying that in order to be successful you must give all including to the level the pig does to provide the bacon but I have witnessed many organizations never mature because the people in them were never really committed to its success.

They show up everyday and lay their eggs (yes, pun intended) and then go about their business only to show up again and again etc..

Those businesses and business owners who have a culture of being committed to top shelf success breed success as part of their deliverables.  People want to be associated with the business because they grow and success in their own right.

As your management action for this week, evaluate yourself first.  Are you a chicken or pig?

What culture exists in your business ā€“ growing pigs or sheltering chickens?

How do your people see themselves ā€“ chickens or pigs?

Make a choice and be committed to delivering the best eggs you can!

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