Capturing the Dream

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   Capturing the Dream

As a young child I can remember chasing through the field near my house with a makeshift butterfly net trying to trap the various flying insects so I could capture them and put them into the mason jar. As simple as it was, it kept me busy for hours as the days of summer passed into fall. With each pursuit of the next insect a dream was born and a plan to achieve that goal went into motion.

It is odd how some things don’t change all that much. Today in the business world I still see people chasing those flying insects.  They just tend to have different shapes. One might be in the service industry while another in the manufacturing sector. The key is that dreams are still alive and well.

The challenge is that we as adults tend to think like adults (all of the can’t dos and baggage) and don’t let our inner child give us key insights into framing our dreams and putting in motion the steps to achieve the dream.

Many of those that read the weekly newsletter are well established successful business people in their own right.  You might ask yourself –why dream?

Well dreams are the fuel of future motivation.  With out gas your car does not run.  With out dreams you fall into the routine of acceptability and not pushing yourself to that next quest.

We all can find reasons to not dream but it is a slow and almost undetectable draining of the soul of success.

This week while taking a shower or drinking that cup of coffee or just sitting in the car before heading off to work, take 30 seconds to dream. At the beginning it will be very hard and you won’t get much feedback.  You are out of practice. You can’t even see the insect that is right in front of your eyes.  Let your inner child have 30 seconds each day and explore the dreams.  They come from deep inside, have a long way to travel, but have enormous meaning when you let them out.

For without the inner fuel of dreams, your end results pale in comparison to the possibilities which abound inside of you.

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