Spring into action!

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April 17, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




   Spring into action!

The weather has finally started to show signs of spring and leaving the doldrums of winter behind.

This time of year, much like the flowers, grass and trees, you have an opportunity to grow and push forward in building your business.

Last week we talked about sales pipeline and managing the activity well upstream so it would give you the best potential to realize best results.

This week we need to talk about moving talk and theory into real tangible action.  It is great to intellectually understand and appreciate the content of these newsletters but with out converting good information and intent into real actionable items you have completely missed the boat. Even worse if you think you are doing something by planning it out but plans never produce anything until put into measurable action.

At the end or your last fiscal year you put business plans together to accomplish new goals and objectives. Maybe you are three plus months into those plans or maybe even longer. The question you must ask yourself is – are you measuring the activity and action to deliver on those plans or are they just the map on the wall that people look at but make no progress on the road to results.

So this week it is time to stop talking and move to action.  Take those plans and quantify in tangible numbers the actions and deliverables of the plans.  What is or has worked and why and what needs attention to change the actions if they are not delivering as defined in the plan.

This process of evaluation and re-planning is not just one for management.  Each person on the team must evaluate their own actions or lack there of.  Is the basic activity being done to the standards necessary?  Are people reaching higher to realize more? Are they holding back thinking it will take care of itself?

As you go through the next 5 business days make a conscious effort to track the actions going toward goals and determine if they are quantifiably contributing or if they are just motion.

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