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May 8, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




   Following a system

Ever wonder why some businesses thrive and some struggle? Ever wonder why some sales reps not only achieve quota but exceed it on a regular basis?

Well it is about the system!

Number 1 – do you have one?

Number 2 – is it proven?

Number 3 – do you follow it each and every time?

Based on SBA data, only about 8% of new start up business survive the first 12-24 months of their existence.  Why?  One reason is they don’t have systems and if they do they don’t hold themselves to the system.

If you are seeking buried treasure and have the map then you would follow the map exactly so that you would arrive at your destination in a timely fashion and be rewarded with the treasure. Why then in business do so many owners take side trips – follow distractions that end up leading them into more problems and challenges? It is because they don’t have a system and hold themselves accountable to the system.  They find reasons to deviate from the system and justify it because of this or that reason.  If you are always finding reasons to deviate from your system, then you either don’t really have a system or your system is broken.

One of the ways some businesses deal with “The System” is via the franchise model. In a franchise system there are defined ways for doing all of the various transactions needed to operate the business. The steps are duplicable over and over again. When the franchise owner follows the system then they are rewarded with positive results.  When they deviate, the franchise results suffer.  Franchisors hold their franchisees to strict performance standards so that the system delivers a consistent end product which in turn delivers consistent financial results.

This week take a look at your systems – revenue system, financial system, operations system etc.  Are they well laid out and easy to follow? Are you following them?  What are the consequences if the system is not followed?  What are the financial ramifications, operational ramifications, personal ramifications?

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