Missing Ingredients

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May 15, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




   Missing Ingredients

Every business is unique.  Each has their own way of accomplishing their business goals and objectives.  The key is that successful businesses start with having or obtaining the right ingredients to get the job done.

Like a chef or baker, they each have their individualized way to create their dishes and pastries but there are basic ingredients they need in order to work their magic.  Not having certain basic items diminishes their ability to be successful.

This same challenge exists in your business.  There are certain things your business needs in order to achieve its goals. If any of these items are absence then your business suffers.

Let’s take a look at the talent in your business.  Each person brings certain specific capabilities to work each day.  When those talents align with the roles they are in then results happen.  If the demands of the role they are in require different capabilities then lots of struggles take place and ultimately the job does not get accomplished in a profitable way.

Like the baker, if they don’t have the flour, shortening, eggs etc. then the bread won’t rise and the product will not be able to be sold to make a profit.

This week take a look at the people in your organization.  This time look beyond your daily impressions and deeper into what capabilities they bring that can be leveraged to build your business.  Are their capabilities aligned with the roles they are in?  Do their capabilities need a freshening up?  Are there capabilities which lay dormant because either they or the business has not engaged those talents into productive use.

Your business is an investment.  It will only produce great returns when the talents inside of the investment are all working together for a common result.  Like the baker, missing one key ingredient causes the whole pastry to fail.

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