Talent is more complex than baking bread!

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May 22, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




   Talent is more complex than baking bread!

One of your largest investments in your business is your people.  Finding the right ones, developing and training them, keeping them engaged are all key to the long term success of your organization.

Last week the newsletter talked about the ingredients needed to build your business and the people who either possess those capabilities or not.

Well, some of you felt a desire to understand just how to identify those competencies in the people in your organizations. The good news is we not only have an answer but a suite of tools to support your needs.

If you are not currently using candidate and employee assessment tools then you are still doing a lot of guessing.  Assessments are just a part of the overall recruiting process.  Your due diligent of screening resumes, contacting references, doing face to face interviews are all important parts of the candidate intake effort.

Using assessment tools gives you insights that go beyond some of the the other steps in the process. You can then ask more effective questions to your candidates so that you can identify areas of opportunity or possible gaps between the demands of the role in your organization and what the candidate brings to you at the time of the interview.  You can then make a more informed decision as to the investment you will make to have the person fully engaged into productive value in your business.

Assessments by themselves can add value but starting with a job model – a benchmark of the role demands, gives you a baseline of data so you can assess a against a standard to see just how large your investment may need to be.

The advantage of the suite of tools we integrate with our clients is that they go well beyond a “Hiring” tool.  They really are a manual on how to work with an individual to bring the best out in them for themselves and the organizations benefit.  They can become the foundation for development, training, growth of an organization and the individuals in them.

Each recruiting process needs to be wrapped around an organizations needs so give JKL Associates a call at (313) 527-7945 so set up your individualized intake process meeting.

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