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   Asset Protection

One of the expenses in your business is the cost for various insurance policies.  Fire, flood, theft, loss of business, key man and health are just a few.  All of them are in place to help protect you and your business from some sort of a loss do to an event that was not necessarily planned and definitely not desirable.

Sometimes we also need to protect our business assets in other ways that are not through the purchase of insurance policies but consistently acting in a disciplined way.  One of your most important assets is the talented people that work in your organization.  You have made numerous investments into them through training, development and mentoring. 

Unfortunately leadership does not take timely corrective action when members of the team falter on their duties and it appears to others on the team that leadership is weak or inconsistent.  This inconsistency in behaviors leads your employees to wander away from the organizations standards because it looks like it is acceptable.  Even a bigger problem is when leadership deals with a similar situation in two different ways.  Those looking in on the situation begin to lose confidence in leadership and start looking for career changes.

This is where your execution to a consistent level of employee management is like having an insurance policy.  A typical policy pays out when certain conditions are met.  This is what happens when you actively manage your talent in your business.  Employees know where the guidelines are and use them to move the business forward. This is the payout on your talent management policy. When leadership is wishy-washy then employees become distracted and join in the lack of focus. This then cost the business more money and the policy does not pay back.

This week take a strong look at your talent management policies.  Are they insurance minded or not?  Will they pay a solid dividend when consistently used?  It is always a sad story on the news when a business experiences a hardship loss and they don’t have an insurance policy to cover the losses.  Don’t experience a talent management loss do to your lack of having the right policies in place.

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