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   Summertime Funk

Summer, that time of the year we all wait for when in the middle of winter the temperatures drop, the clouds are gray and we all hope for those rays of sunshine.

Now that it is upon us we now must navigate the summertime funk.  The desire to play hooky, the desire to take time off for vacations, golf leagues, sporting events, family picnics and so on and on and on.

I like and do many of those things stated in the last paragraph but also understand that the business does not grow by itself.  It still, like plants, needs nurturing.  Some attention to watering and fertilizing go a long way with plants and so to with your business.  By investing time and energy into your business during the growing season of summer, you might not have to play catch up mode in the fall to make your annual revenue targets.

A few things to consider during the summer:

How are you taking your product and services to the marketplace?  Are you marketing now for the fall push?

If in a seasonal business then which season should you be preparing for before it comes?

What is the makeup of your team while some of your staff enjoy their vacation time?  You might not consider summer a good time for training but many businesses are also slower because their customer is also off doing other things.

Maybe consider an open house for a client appreciation day.  Reasonable costs and a selling opportunity all in one.

There are plenty of options to consider.  Open it up to your employees to gain some of their low to no cost ideas.  You might be surprised how creative they might be.

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