Commitment to a Direction

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July 17, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




   Commitment to a Direction

In the business climate today, business leaders need to get focused. They need to define the direction they are headed and align the talent they need to accomplish their goals.

In a recent exchange of ideas with some colleagues, we discussed the growth of businesses during this most recent economic unstableness.  To begin with, unfortunately many small businesses took the economic impact significantly.  Some to the point of having to close their doors. Although the news might like everyone to believe that the economy is well on its way to recovery, there is still plenty to do for small businesses to again feel strong.

The interesting part of the discussion was on companies which realized a stable financial pattern.  Maybe not percentage growth but definitely not percentage decline. When looking at the businesses and most specifically the leadership in those businesses it was very clear that there was a purpose for their direction.  They had a direction and were positioning their business to achieve the goal. 

They obviously did not have excess cash flow so their plans were fairly simple and straight forward.  The key was that due to the lack of availability of cash their execution had to be focused and deliver exactly was it was intended to if not more.  In most business books, seminars and pontifications of gurus, they will all espouse to visions, missions and goals.  The companies and their leadership might not have had written and printed declarations of these items but the culture and the overall energy was understood and demonstrated by actions of the leadership and resources throughout the organization.

This week, take a look at your business.  Do the people in your organization know where the business is going and what are the strategic and tactical steps to get there?  Is the energy in the business pushing it toward that objective or pulling it down and away from that target? Is your leadership team completely committed to the direction and it shows in all of their actions?

This all seems pretty straight forward but unfortunately many businesses and their leaders take it for granted.  Make a commitment to yourself and the organization you are involved with to get aligned to the direction and make a speedy effort of making things happen.

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