Loving your career

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July 31, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




   Loving your career

I’m sure we have all heard the statement – If you truly love what you do then you will never work a day in your life!

This is more easily said than accomplished by most people in the workplace. If you look around at the people in your company and serving you in the marketplace you will see a mixed bag of enjoyment in what people are doing.  In some cases their work is a “JOB.”  That activity which they give time and some energy and in return an employer gives them some money/paycheck.

In other cases, you will find people, even in less than professional ranks, enjoying their work activities and treating it like a career.

I happened to run into one such person the other day when visiting a mall.  The particular store I went into was primarily designed to cater to children.  The young lady which assisted me could tell I was out of my element. Her instincts must have then taken over as she turned on her pleasant charm and engaged me as if I was the only person in the building. (I should note that many others were in the store at the same time) She could have treated me just as another common person wanting something from her so they could go on their way.  She did not.  She really enjoys what she does and it showed.  The level of energy (almost 9:00pm at night) and commitment to help me was just remarkable.

With it being almost closing time she very well could have rushed my purchase and pushed me out the door and I most likely would have understood with it being quitting time but she did not do that to me. She went over and above to make me aware of options and sales and accessories.  Yes it crossed my mind that maybe she was paid on commission which triggered her behavior. The more I reflected on the event I quickly ruled that out as the key ingredient in her energy. She just simply loved what she was doing.

This week I would encourage you to look at yourself and find out if you are loving your career?  As the leader in the business we all go through ups and downs but look deeper into yourself. Are you realizing your dreams?  Is the reason you went into your career still causing you to get out of bed every morning with restless energy?

If you are arriving at the office under the burden of not loving your career, IT SHOWS!  Your people are very perceptive when it comes to things like that.  If you are not high on your company, team, product etc. then they won’t be either.

Reevaluate how you are showing up and what energy you are passing along.  Are you generating a love of the business or just going through the motions?

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