Taking care of Number 1

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   Taking care of Number 1

Last week we talked about loving your career.  No questions about it – when you love what you do your energy goes way up.  You smile and enjoy your interaction with others. This causes others to be invigorated and their energy goes up. With all that energy going the business has only one place to grow and that is up.

That being said, there is a critical ingredient to all that energy and that is YOU!

You can really love your career and what you are doing so much that it takes a toll on your physical and mental body.  You just keep pushing to make things happen and each new improvement gets you that much more motivated to move ahead.

As a workaholic, I completely understand the drain that the body can go through when pushing for a deadline or involved in a new project that is just all consuming.

For short cycles of time it can and is productive.  With out the proper care for your body you will end up very ill.  Proper sleep, proper nutrition, proper time to separate and doing something else to free up your mind all contribute to a healthy you.

I recently read an article about the trends in amateur athletics where young athletes are specializing so young and not playing multiple sports that their physical development is being impaired.  The use of the same muscles in the same way causes prolonged stress and then the body fails.

The same can be true in business for leaders.  You need to focus on yourself – get an annual physical, take a vacation, pursue some hobby to distract yourself enough so that you don’t burn out.

I have actually found that sometimes these distractions end up contributing to the work at hand. You see things through a different set of lenses and that causes a new way of looking at the same situation.  Kind of like training different thought muscles.

This week make sure you schedule some body and brain activities which will grow your business because you are away from it for a short spell of time.  Work some other muscles so that your body does not suddenly react in a negative way and sideline you for an extended period of time.

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