Causes which invite participation

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Causes which invite participation

In the past month the ALS Ice Bucket cold water challenge has been getting lots of media attention. Both on the social frequencies and the national news media.

In the general sense, this has gone viral in many ways.  It is a good cause and is getting the attention of many people from various backgrounds.  It goes well beyond color, race, creed etc.

Some of it might be due to the notoriety a person taking the challenge may get on their social media threads but in other cases it is simply people doing something different to capture the awareness of a rather quiet affliction. So quiet that many people may not even know what the disease is.  Additionally, in recent articles I have read, there are about 30,000 people in the United States with ALS while Diabetes has well over 29 million.

It is great that the challenge has raised over 88 million dollars as of the writing of the article. The question is still – how does that quantity of money get directed to affect constructive research toward a potential solution.  Is this phenomenon strictly a social media experiment?  Will this make a real difference in research or are people just so self centered that they are actually putting forward their money to grab for the 15 seconds of fame?

I know that some of you reading this are already grinding your teeth wondering what gives me the right to make such statements.  To be honest – nothing at all.  The reality is that this type of activity can be both positive and negative. It might raise short term attention and some money but then fade away as quickly as it came on the scene. That is not necessarily bad.  The challenge as with business marketing, growth, development etc. is long term sustainability.

This week while you contemplate if you will participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge if a colleague challenges you, think about your business and what you are doing to sustainably grow your business long term.  What internal and external causes are you developing? Yes, you could take some element of your business and take it viral on social media and be a flash in the pan. Or you can take a strategic approach to develop your marketing and sales efforts so that your assets grow and bloom multiple time and not just once.

PS – Just in case you were wondering – no I have not participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge and will not take that particular plunge.  Each year I designate a particular charity I view is doing the type of work which benefit causes I hold near and dear to me.

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