9/11, 12/7, 6/6…

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9/11, 12/7, 6/6…

On these dates in history when we recall and remember the events of the day let us not forget what is at stake – Freedom.

The attacks of 9/11 in the USA were the result of terrorists attacking our way of life, our culture.  These ways of life here at home in the United States, which we all take too much for granted, are the result of the basis of the foundations of this country – Freedom.

As business people, we daily, are given the privilege to use the freedoms to pursue happiness as defined in our constitution. We provide employment opportunities.  We provide a place of social and civil responsibility. We provide an environment where people can take pride in themselves and in what they contribute to society through the goods and services of the business.

Our country has always been challenged by outsiders who pursue control over the greatest spirit in the world and that is freedom.  We must as business leaders continue to perpetuate this great country’s core elements of freedom by not forgetting what history has supported getting us to this position in time.

This week as you evaluate your business to the various metrics of performance, see if you have a measurement which tracks how your business contributes to the welfare of our nation.  Are you creating jobs?  Are you contributing to the gross national product value? How are your employees participating in the perpetuation of this country.

Lots of years have passed since 9/11, 12/7, 6/6 and many other critically important dates in US history.  Let us not become blinded by talks of hollow dreams and hopes which expose our nation to the controls of those just waiting in the wings to spring upon a weakened nation.

Small Business and its future is still the backbone of this country and we the leaders must start to push forward to protect what freedoms we have.

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