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Routine Magic

Every once in awhile you come across a piece of information or lesson learned that has an impact on you or your business. As I recently watched a show about the entertainer Houdini, I began to really appreciate the art of the “Set Up.”  Not in the bad sense of taking a negative advantage of someone but more in the spirit of the world of magic and deception for the sake of entertainment.

In the world of magic, you can’t pull a rabbit out of the hat unless you put one there first.  To make sure you put the rabbit in the hat you need to have a routine to set up your magic show.  This ensures all the tricks will work as planned.  Your show will then deliver the special effects you built into your presentation.

Business is the same.  You need to plan your business and work your plan.  You need to build routines that you follow each and every day to put the rabbit in the hat so you can then pull it out at a later date.

In sales, you must continuously be doing the sales steps of prospecting, development leads, following up on potential buyers and consumers of your goods and services.  These daily routines are like putting the rabbit in the hat for the magic show. 

As the magician, you actually know that the effects of the show are nothing more than the results of well planned and well executed routines which deliver a series of actions to amaze your audiences.

As a sales person you are doing much the same thing. By working with qualified prospects, doing your do diligence to identify key buying criterion and then providing a solution that meets with the customers objectives, you are performing your magic.

Sales like magic is a numbers game.  You can’t do magic tricks with a deck of cards unless you first practice the routine many times to perfect the illusion.  In consultative sales you can’t expect to pick up the phone and on the first call you make sell something in the first few minutes of the conversation.

Sales and magic both take lots of practice, focus and turn of the numbers.  To be a professional magician you would have done the same magic trick thousands of times to perfect exactly how the illusion will not only deliver the end results planned but add the excitement of the hand is quicker than the eye. In sales you must follow your routine of identifying suspects, cultivating prospects, building decisive criterion for your solution and delivering the goods and services to amaze your clients.

This week, take a look at your sales routines.  Are your sales reps running through the motions or are they really engaging their audience in the magic of sales? Remember that you can’t close the sale until you put the sale in the hat to begin with.

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