You are fired!

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You are Fired!

Donald Trump in his TV reality show – The Apprentice, made this phrase a household statement.  Many would joke about the brashness by which he engaged the TV viewers and to some degree condemned the subject of the boardroom to termination from the game. The reasons for his decisions were not always understood nor agreed with but it made for typical reality TV ratings.

In the reality of the real business world, I can’t say that I have ever heard such a bold and direct statement delivered the way Mr. Trump played to his audience. Most of the time, leaders who would have liked to have delivered it in that way did not for the sake of giving the departing employee some dignity. A simple more peaceful termination event would typically take place.

I bring this up because our society is two faced on these types of issues.  They will glue themselves to the TV to watch someone else get fired and have numerous opinions as to why it happened. If they were fired in the same way, they would take offense to such perceived abuse even if the employer could articulate their lack of performance or results. For this to be done to them, they would make a scene that this would simply be wrong and a politically incorrect way for the business leader to conduct themselves.

I’m not advocating that employees be treated in poor and disrespectful ways.  What I am bringing forth for consideration is that if as business leaders we must walk on egg shells to deal with real employee issues (the breakdowns in deliverables and goal achievements), then we are turning the zoo over to the monkeys.

As leaders in business, the creation and providing of jobs/careers is part of the “WHY” businesses exist.  Additionally part must also be profitability. Part is to provide the delivery of goods and services and a place for ingenuity to foster new ideas leading to advancements in our society.

If as leaders we cannot interact with our staff for fear of being challenged about how someone gets hurt because they were told they could not perform to expectations then we have started down the slippery slope.

Your employees are one of your most critical assets to success.  They are also one of your greatest cost items in the expense column.  If you are not managing those critical resources and helping them participate to their fullest potential then you are squandering resources.  Not many business leaders would support the burning of money for no reason.  If you are not managing your resources effectively then you are burning money.

This week if you look around your organization and find that your business culture has softened and employees are not being respectfully engaged to meet and exceed performance goals then consider your self as the lead burner of money.  Rather than tell someone else you are fired – maybe look in the mirror and say it to yourself.

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