Modeling your business to replicate

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Modeling your business to replicate

During the middle ages, monks in monasteries were charged with duplicating scrolls of doctrine so that it could be redistributed to multiple locations.  In essence they were literally manual copy machines. As time passed and technology advanced, today we enjoy high speed machine copiers, scanners, printers etc. We take these time saving tools for granted as we push documents across large areas of distribution in little time.

This same general concept was also reproduced in the manufacturing world by Henry Ford when he automated the assembly line to produce multiple units of his cars.  Not only did this produce more units in a more timely fashion, it also was able to reduce the price per unit to bring the availability to the masses.

In both of these cases, there were processes and systems defined to facilitate the replication.  These processes are the key to making a business run smooth, efficient and duplicate high quality results.

In the middle of the last century, the concept of franchising a business began to take shape.  Fundamentally a business captured the way of doing their business processes, packaged them for the masses and then sold these proven systems to others to replicate. The world recognized “Golden Arches” of McDonald’s Hamburgers is just one of the many brands to explode this approach to business.

This week take a look at your magic which runs your business.  The systems which on a day in and day out basis contribute to the success of the operation.  Are these systems efficient, effective, easy to duplicate without having special talents? If the answer is yes then congratulations.  You can now look at refining those systems to make them even better.  If not then start by taking on one work system and defining how it is and then what improvements it needs to be better.  Get those who are actively using the system to participate in the process.  Don’t make assumptions from a distance expecting changes to be embraced by those doing the work directly.

If you look at your business as the start up of a new world wide franchise and you need to be able to share your “Magic” – your systems universally then it will help to keep them simple and straight forward.  The objective is not to make them complex.  The goal is to have the processes be easy to execute by all parties.

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