Do you really know the job?

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Do you really know the job?

A TV show called “Undercover Boss” places an executive of the business (in disguise) out into the workforce in the company. Part of the process is for the executive to get an employee’s view of their organization. That is to hear and feel the vibrations from the ground floor.

One of the interesting things that happen is that some of the “Bosses” find out that they really don’t know how to do some of the job roles they are put into in their own company. Granted that over the course of time improvements are made and processes change. The key here is that although the process may change, knowing how that piece of the system contributes still needs to be understood and fits into the end objective.

As the leader in your business, your employees look to you for leadership.  Leadership is not just something you get with a title but you must consciously and physically demonstrate your leadership talents.

For example, rather than telling someone to do something, actually go do it with them.  Understand what obstacles are in their way and coach them directly in the process.  Being part of the solution and appreciating the win as part of the team demonstrates your level of commitment to them directly.

It reminds me of a client who was visiting one of his locations and saw that they were short handed on a particular production line.  Rather than looking for someone to jump in and help, he took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and asked how he could help. Even though he was not directly familiar with the steps in the process and needed his employees to help him get the hang of things, he was open to expose himself to their criticism of not knowing what to do. He showed them he was part of the team and would lead by example rather than just by words.

This week be on the lookout for an opportunity to understand someone’s role that you don’t have great familiarity with currently.  Take the chance to get directly involved to work side by side to not only get to know the job but also to get to know the person.

You might discover that your employees will have a greater respect for you and you might also have a better perspective of what your employees need to do their job so they contribute at a full capacity.

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