Now it is down to business

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November 6, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




Now it is down to business

Well the mid-term elections are complete.  Some might be surprised with the outcomes while others are smiling ear to ear.

As a business leader and regardless of my personal affiliation with this or that candidate or party, the bottom line is that the whole group in congress must now get down to doing some business for the sake of business.

As business leaders we deal with what is going on in our industries, the country, our state all the way down to what is taking place in our parking lot.  This country needs not only a shot in the arm to bolster the economy and create jobs but it needs those elected to represent us to take as much effort in moving business forward as they did in accomplishing their goal of being elected.

If your sales team had a bunch of people that qualified leads and got the sale all the way to closing it but never finish the deal then your business would be broke and go out of business.  We as business leaders need to hold those elected to the same standards we hold our own people to in our companies. 

As they say – stop talking about it and do some work that shows you can do it.

This week either relish in your candidates victories or lick your wounds but starting as early as next week it is time for the congress of this United States to get down to work and keep business at the forefront of the policy making and decisions.

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