Blinded by the season

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November 20, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




Blinded by the season

In the north portion of the country we are dealing with the first signs of winter.  Snow and cold has descended upon the states near the Canadian border and caught many unprepared. Some might say it happened earlier than in past years and that might be a true statement but everyone knew it was coming and right around the corner.  It happens every single year when the seasons change so it is nothing we were not aware of.

This same challenge happens in business.  We know the business indicators and we choose not to pay attention to them until the business gets dumped on with some type of “Snow Storm” of it’s own making.

When it comes to weather people blame the weatherman – like that person controls the temperature or snow or cold. In business people blame the economy, the government, their competition etc. The fact of the matter is that these are all elements that can be tracked, analyzed and plans made to address them one way or another.

The challenge is that we become comfortable with what is and lack the ambition to look into the future about what is really coming.  We hear the weather person talk of winter vortex conditions but then the next day nothing happens so we get the attitude they don’t know what is going on.  We stop listening to the data – the warning bells.

Our businesses have warning bells also. In some cases we either don’t want to hear them so we ignore the chime. Still in other cases we jump to conclusions before doing the research and getting the data to make constructive business decisions.  In some cases our businesses don’t even have the data collection tools in place so we lick our finger and put it up into the wind to see if it freezes.  Not very accurate to determine what storm is coming your way.

This week take a look at what system you have in place to more accurately give you business data and feedback so you can be better prepared to deal with changes in your business climate.  Don’t get blinded by a change in season if you don’t have to.

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