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December 4, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




Time Inventory


It is that time of year when we are either in a great rush to get a bunch of things wrapped up before the end of the calendar year or actively planning to launch 2015 with a great level of energy.

In either case we need to take an inventory of our time usage.  We started 2014 with a certain amount of time and we used that raw material of time to manufacture/build deliver some end product or service.

So the question must be asked – was our process for using our inventory wisely spent to return the greatest amount for ourselves?

When working with many individuals and trying to get them to reallocate their present time model I always suggest a 15 minute time investment each day on the specific task they are focused on working on.  At the end of just one week they have 1 hour and 15 minutes more than the prior week when they tried to just fit it into their already busy schedule.  At the end of the year based on about 220 working days then they will have invested about 55 hours or a full weeks worth of effort.

Unfortunately most of us just keep putting in more time but never stop to see how much of our time is being stolen away from us.  If we ran a restaurant and your employees were taking food out the back door,  you would wonder why your food costs were so high. You might just investigate the potential theft.  This is also true for people in your organization that steal your time away from important activities you are working on with drama or other distractions.

This week it is time to do your end of year inventory cycle count on your time.  Look back on where your time was spent.  You most likely will have to estimate some of your time but be conservative on your estimates.  Write down such things as meetings, travel etc.  Make your own list and identify where your time was consumed. Evaluate your return on that time for each item.  See if in 2015 you can better use your inventory of time.

Make a plan for 2015 on how you will use your time inventory.  Make sure you manage the time stealers to minimize your losses and maximize your results.

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