Structure Drives Performance

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December 11, 2014- ISSN# 1545-2646




Structure Drives Performance

The basis of all life at it’s smaller levels are molecules.  The basis is structural in nature.  It is the laws of nature that stand the test of time.

When molecules merge and form compounds, the structure is then incorporated to sustain and support the new resulting product.  Although we can’t see molecules with the naked eye we can see the structures of society and your business.  The more defined the structure the stronger those bonds become in nature.

This week you should look at the structure of your business.  Not just the organizational chart but all of the supporting structures that make your business run smoothly.

You most likely have a box on your chart for accounting functions but what is the structure?  How is it integrated into all the various departments which interact with it?  Are the bonds between the departments strong or weak?  Does each bond between departments form a stronger overall company or are those relationships just a bridge that is temporary?

Don’t be surprised to find some broken bridges and bonds between your departments.  They might exist on paper and people think they exist but when you really look into them they might only be a chain of events that no department or person actually owns the outcome or performance result.

A good way to find the structures is to flowchart what actually happens in your business, the workflow, the paper flow, and the information flow. By identifying the flow you can then work on making the bonds better.

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