What is worse than not training staff?

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What is worse than not training staff?

Some companies believe in classroom style training and spend great energy and resources to train their people. Other organizations do on the job training and expend time and money. While still other businesses don’t have formalized training but invest into their people in mentoring, coaching and other ways to pass along information.

At the core of training is giving your staff the tools and techniques to allow them to better themselves in their job role so they can contribute to the success of the business.  It sets standard procedures, processes and techniques in motion to be repeated so that the end product whether a service or hard good has common quality.

The challenge with training much like product or service quality is that if it is not held to the same standards in the delivery and content then it drifts from its core deliverables.

Most people have heard of the communication exercise call “Telephone.” It is where a circle of people share with their neighbor the content of a story which is passed along from one person next to them to the next and it continues until it reach the originator of the story. They compare what they originally stated and what arrived back to them after multiple people had touched the same story information. Most of the time by the time the story arrives back around the circle of 15 to 20 people it has taken on some new content and drops some of the original content.

This is what happens in training if you are not holding your training processes to the same high standards you hold your product deliverables too.

A few years back there was a movie that the person replicated themselves many times over to accomplish many things.  Unfortunately, a copy of a copy of a copy eventually begins to take on the marking of the copier and deletes some of the specific image items which make up the actual elements on the page.

This week, look at how you do your training.  Not so much the means – classroom, mentoring, on the job etc.. but more in what the consistency of the content being delivered is and the consistency of the end product being learned in the training investment.

The reality is that not providing training could actually be better than the wrong or incomplete training. Wrong or incomplete training leaves too many gaps. Your business can only grow when your most important asset – your people, grow and develop.  Make an investment in your business and train your talent to be the best they can be.

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