Next Generation Leadership

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January 8, 2015- ISSN# 1545-2646




Next Generation Leadership

Each year I set in motion a “Theme” of focus.  This year I selected “Next Generation Leadership” So what does that mean?

As I mature – grow older, I’m taking the time to look back on the process or journey that I took to my present station in life. Identifying those people that have given me their time and insights to help mold me. Reviewing those situations which shaped my views and values.

By doing this it has helped me better understand who I am and what are those core values which are the fabric of my being.

With that understanding and appreciation I can now start to return the favor of the past generations and provide insights to those next generation leaders who will take our society and business world into the future.

This process is not without its challenges.  The values which shaped this nation years ago are being challenged by the current and up and coming generations.  No different then the views of my grandparents most likely did not align with their children nor do mine directly align with my parents.  Some of this is productive growth as generations adapt and refine to become better.  Some of this is destructive as the change is done without looking at downstream ramifications.

If you have been a long time reader then you most likely know that I come from a conservative faith based capitalistic perspective on life and business.  That set of values and views does not cloud my openness to change but invites it when it is aligned and does not push an agenda which can’t be supported.

This week as you start the 2015 calendar year, I challenge you to first, review and understand yourself. Second, to identify next generation leaders in your organization and get to know them and their views and values. Third, strategize about how a constructive blending of all generations values and views is far more valuable to the long term results of each individual’s life and the growth of the business. Fourth, take these next generation leaders under your mentorship and help them capture the value of your knowledge so it may pass onto future generations for growth and prosperity.

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