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January 15, 2015- ISSN# 1545-2646




Up and Running

The first 15 days of the new year are already here.  By now the end of 2014 is behind you and 2015 is staring you right in the face.

If you did your business planning last fall then now it is a matter of getting your plans actively moving forward.  If you skipped that part then like our runner you have additional hurdles to overcome right out of the starting gate for 2015.

In your plan for 2015 you have goals and objectives.  You should have had plans for making them come to fruition.  Now you must ensure that the steps of the plan are executed and you measure the results of each step.  If the results are in alignment with the plan then allow the plan to move forward.  If the results lag behind the plan then don’t wait until the end of the quarter but analyze what is impacting your strategy and tactics.

A plan is just that, a set of steps to achieve a result.  Nowhere does it say a plan is so fixed that you can’t evolve it to achieve different results if new information comes to be known.  This is one of the reasons people don’t plan as they don’t understand that plans can evolve to be better plans.  If left untouched then the original plan is strictly the plan to fail.

I’m not promoting that only 15 days into the new year that you start to rework all of your plans.  What I am indicating is that you measure your performance and hold yourself accountable to those defined objectives.  If those metrics are not being achieved then you should take a better look at your plan and give proper consideration to making adjustments which deliver comparable results through different means.

Your various teams in your business should have their guidance systems in place and now it is a matter of tracking to those systems. Hold them accountable is the key here.  They should first hold themselves accountable but as leaders of the organization you too must be on top of keeping progress front and center on the objectives list.

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