Interpersonal communication – Shall I text you!

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Interpersonal communication –

Shall I text you!

As a baby boomer that grew up in the technology era of the mainframes of the 70’s, the PC’s of the 80’s and cell phones of the 90’s I would place myself into the category of reasonably astute with the software and devices which have come into daily use in this new millennium.

When the business world transitioned to a more portable personal computer and telephone system, I was right there with my luggable suitcase style PC and my bag phone telephone. Oddly enough it was used almost exclusively for business and was directly related to the attempt to improve productivity as I traveled for the company I work for at the time.

The mobile phone was used to increase access and personal communication with clients and corporate resources. Through this technology we could open up better interpersonal communication to bring challenges and decisions quickly to the forefront for a more timely resolution. Many times the phone facilitated the face to face meeting which ultimately fix the issue at hand.  That meeting called upon interpersonal skills to navigate difficult situations and bring a bigger and better results to all parties.

Fast forward to business today and upcoming people entering the workforce. Interpersonal skills are fading away very quickly.  Some of the resources hide behind their texting and social media because they just can’t talk to another human being with out great levels of stress.

Studies have shown that lots of people are deathly afraid to get up in front of an audience and give a presentation.  Speech class helped many of us break through that fear.  Today with so little emphasis being placed on people directly talking to one another that a simple speech class will maybe not advance people to where they can openly communicate with others in the office.  It would be more like sending them a text message to the cubical next to them rather than standing up, walking over to the opening and sticking their head in to ask a question.

Texting has its place (NOT WHILE DRIVING!) So do telephones, PC’s and a whole array of other devices we use in our electronic world. The reality is that real business that is based in trust, honesty and respect is done face to face with genuine emotions and not characters on a screen.

This week, take some extra effort to go talk to your people. See them face to face.  Talk to them on the phone rather than sending them email or texting them.  Remember what it is like to smile and see them smile. It will potentially be awkward for some to experience this as these skills have begun to fall by the wayside.  Don’t let it happen in your business.  Be the first one to take action and bring interpersonal skills back into daily use in the workplace.

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