Driving Forces

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February 5, 2015- ISSN# 1545-2646


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Driving Forces

I recently attended a business conference where one of the discussion topics dealt with those critical factors which cause people to take action or drive to a particular result.  These factors or driving forces when aligned with the career role and job demands can give birth to great results.

Each career or job has certain demands which when aligned with the talent conducting the role will allow for effort and energy to directly flow into the deliverables.  There are always exceptions to the rule but from the majority of job demands, when a person doing the work has certain driving forces and they are in sync with the demands of the job, then magic can happen.

This is just one of multiple factors in job performance success. Without the initial and sustainable drive to accomplish a tasks at hand then the person will end up burning out quicker and most likely quit their job. They will think it is something else which cause the pain and hardship.

Most of us can relate to the vegetables mom or dad would hide under the mash potatoes to trick us into eating or claim the great benefit of eating this fruit or vegetable when we did not like it. Eventually either the vegetable was eaten and regretted for the rest of the person’s life or there was a concession to not feed the vegetable to you any longer.  Either way the course of results was changed.

The same is true in the workplace where people with great talent/skill is placed into roles they are out of alignment with from an internal driving force perspective. They might cover it up or the employer might disguise it but ultimately the issue is front and center when the results or deliverables are not being achieved on time and with in standards.

The challenge from the employer’s perspective is how would they know who is in or out of alignment at the early stages of the employment relationship.  Yes, if you have an employee for many years and they have experienced many different roles with in your organization you might be able to predict their alignment to similar work challenges. In today ever changing landscape of new employees and job roles, employers need to engage tools to help them more fully appreciate and understand the driving forces a person will bring into the business each day.  If they can harness those driving forces and channel them into a result that is aligned not only with the company objectives but also the employees  interests then that magic I spoke of earlier starts to show up in a big way.

This week take a look at your team and assess what drives each team member’s success.  Is their job role aligned to help them take full advantage of those driving factors so they get better, quicker results?

If you are not sure what are the individuals driving forces on your team, give JKL Associates a call at (313) 527-7945 and we can assist in using top shelf diagnostic tools to open doors to look in at each person’s driving forces.

Questions or comments – email us at partners@jklassociates.com or call our Office at (313) 527-7945

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